St. Paddy's Push

Go to Yelp right now and count how many places in the area are listed as a bar or a pub. Now think how many of those places will be fighting your waterhole for traffic during St. Patrick's Day.

Your place may be new, it may be an old favorite, it may be under new ownership, it may even be already established but bars could use a fresh social media touch. Whatever the case may be, we could all use a little more social media love.

Blankenship Media and Agency B have a HD video package and social media push to start today for your bar to gain followers and fans ahead of time before March 17. 

Here's how it works
1) We evaluate your bar and give you an idea of what social media channels you need help with
2) We set up an HD video shoot in your bar (much like this video) to post on your Facebook or YouTube page
3) We promote your St Paddy's plans with at least 12 graphic design or photo posts leading up to your scheduled date
4) On the day of your event, we take live event photos and repost patron interaction using a specified hashtag campaign with Instagram and Facebook

Booking is very limited! To find out more info please email or